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The safest surfacing option for your poolside or splash pad! As the name suggests, SplashGrip is the ideal slip resistant rubber surface in the wet. Soft on feet and fun to play on, SplashGrip can be installed at the poolside, or the splash pad for increased safety, comfort, and fun.


5 Year Warranty

Certified Installation

Recycled Rubber

Safety Certified

Colour options

With 21 colours and unlimited colour blends, Pour‘n’Play gives you the palette you need to create your perfect play surface. 

If you’d like to try out some colour blends, visit our fun Pour‘n’Play colour mixer.


Porous free draining surface

It’s important that surfaces surrounding wet areas can dry quickly and can drain effectively to keep slips and accidents from happening. It is also important the surface drains property for its longevity. SplashGrip also comes in a sealed surface option.

High UV resistance and durability

SplashGrip surfaces are engineered using RoseHill TPV rubber granules. The vulcanised rubber performs as a premium product that is combined with UV stabilised pigments that help the surface retain its colour and gives the surface longevity.

Chlorine resistant

SlaphGrip won’t deteriorate around chlorine, making it the perfect pool side surface. Due to it’s manufacturing treatment, SplashGrip is designed to maintain its colour and structure for a long period of time, withstanding weather conditions as well as particular chemicals.

Seamless, one-piece surface

The SplashGrip installation process creates a seamless, one piece surface finish. This means no corners or tile pieces lifting, creating safety hazards and creating cracks for water and other elements to deteriorate the surface. The seamless finish also makes space easier to clean and maintain. 

Sustainable product, environmentally friendly

The rubber granules used are derived from recycled tyres that have been put through an efficient recycling process without the incorporation of sulphur, heavy metals, or clay fillers. The rubber is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and contains no harmful material, leaching no pollutants into the environment. At the end of life, the rubber surface can be uplifted and upcycled into a new playground surface.

SplashGrip Gallery


Cornwall Park Playground

Numat were called in to do the safety surfacing for the newly developed Cornwall Park Playground in Hastings. The design for this playground was produced by playground design company Creo.

Further case studies

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Further case studies

Wanaka’s Rotary Park

Wanaka, Otago

In 2021, Numat worked with the Queenstown Lakes District Council and playground design company, Creo, to upgrade Wanaka’s Rotary Park Playground. The surface design called for blues, greens, and greys to match the parks surroundings.

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Further case studies

Whangarei Town Basin

Whangārei, Northland

The Whangarei District Council reopened the Town Basin playground in early 2021. The refurbished playground featured a colourful design incorporating a theme of time and tides.

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Further case studies

Margaret Mahy Family Playground

Christchurch, Canterbury

This is the story of how a city rises. Then slides down. Then has a bit of a swing and a run around…

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Further case studies

Tahi Beachwood Playground


Tahi Beachwood park is one of Auckland’s newest playgrounds. Thanks to Numat, surfacing the playground was done within budget and without compromising on the usability and the longevity of the surfacing.

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