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MulchSet is a ‘natural look’ safety surface for recreational areas, playgrounds, and walkways.

As a long-lasting, water-permeable surface, it provides an economical and hygienic alternative to organic mulches. Its one-piece poured installation delivers a smooth surface with zero joins making it highly accessible.


3 Year Warranty

Certified Installation

Recycled Rubber

Safety Certified

Colour options

Choose from our forest floor and wood mulch blends.

These colour blends were specially created to mimic nature. The green blend looks like a real forest floor and you could easily mistake the brown blends for real wood mulch that warms up your space. Unlike colour-coated rubber mulches, MulchSet is 100% dyed, which means it retains its colour longer.


Natural mulch appearance

Made from coloured rubber and blended to look like real mulch, MulchSet gives your surface a ‘natural’ appearance, but doesn’t make a mess like real bark mulch surfaces do.

Durable one-piece surface

MulchSet is poured as one piece. It doesn’t have joins. This makes it stronger than tile surfaces that can come apart at the joins. When compared to tile surfaces, MulchSet lasts longer and requires less maintenance. 

Cushioned top layer

MulchSet’s top layer is made of springy rubber which feels beautifully soft to walk and play on. The cushioned top layer is shock absorbing and in some instances can be installed as a safety surface without an added shock pad, normally when it is used under equipment that is under 1m in height.

Calibrated shock pad

MulchSets rubber shock pad is specially calibrated to provide the correct amount of impact attenuation for your playground equipment. The higher the equipment (up to 3 metres) the thicker the shock pad layer, and the more cushioning provided.

Free draining

MulchSet is a porous surface which means water drains away easily to leave your surface dry and ready for use shortly after the rain stops. With MulchSet, you’ll be able to use the surface all year round.

UV resistant

MulchSet is made from UV resistant rubber so it retains its colour well. Your MulchSet surface will continue to look good for years to come. 

MulchSet Gallery


Parliament Playground

Built with the aim of increasing the accessibility and interest of Parliament to children and young families, the Parliament Playground consists of a main feature slide, timber steppers, and timber balance beams.

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