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Pour’n’Play Sport


Looking for a more colourful and comfortable court surface? Pour’n’Play® Sport is created using New Zealand’s most technically advanced wet pour rubber safety surface.

With its unique formulation TPV rubber, it offers much better colour consistency throughout, and superior UV stability to EPDM and colour coated SBR surfaces.

Pour’n’Play® is available in a range of 21 colours offering endless possibilities for creative surface designs.


5-10 Year Warranty

Certified Installation

Safety Certified

Colour options

With 21 colours and unlimited colour blends, Pour‘n’Play gives you the palette you need to create your perfect play surface. If you’d like to try out some colour blends, visit our fun Pour‘n’Play colour mixer.


Durable + Long lasting surface

Pour‘n’Play Sport is ‘poured in place’ as one piece. It doesn’t have joins. That means it’s stronger than tile surfaces that can come apart at the joins. 

High-grip top layer

Pour‘n’Play Sport’s top layer is made of Rosehill TPV® rubber granules which are soft, flexible, and highly durable. Because it holds its flexibility, Pour‘n’Play’s top layer is safer for longer, reducing the risk of falls, injuries, and elevates player performance. 

Free draining surface

Pour‘n’Play Sport is a porous surface which means water drains away easily to leave your surface dry and ready for use shortly after the rain stops. With Pour‘n’Play Sport, you’ll be able to use the surface all year round in wet or dry conditions. 

UV resistant

Pour‘n’Play Sport is made from Rosehill TPV®, a market leading rubber granule for playground surfaces. Rosehill TPV® is highly UV resistant and lasts longer than EPDM rubber playground surfaces.


Kopupaka Reserve Playground

Made from coloured rubber and blended to look like real mulch, MulchSet gives your surface a ‘natural’ appearance, but doesn’t make a mess like real bark mulch surfaces do.

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Further case studies

Kopupaka Reserve Playground

Auckland, Westgate

Kopupaka Reserve playground in Westgate, Auckland was the 2021, New Zealand Parks Awards, Playground of the Year. The playground ‘wowed’ judges with its mission to prevent emissions and support local climate change, as well as its vibrant colour and edible plantings.

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Further case studies

Whangarei Town Basin

Whangārei, Northland

The Whangarei District Council reopened the Town Basin playground in early 2021. The refurbished playground featured a colourful design incorporating a theme of time and tides.

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Further case studies

Margaret Mahy Family Playground

Christchurch, Canterbury

This is the story of how a city rises. Then slides down. Then has a bit of a swing and a run around…

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Further case studies

Remuera Primary School

Remuera, Auckland

Remuera Primary School has taken full advantage of the design capabilities of our Pour’n’Play rubber surfacing.

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