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Striving For a Sustainable Future With Pour’n’Play

Numat’s Pour’n’Play uses recycled tyres and superior TPV rubber, making it the sustainable, eco-friendly choice in playground surfacing.

There are an estimated one and a half billion scrap tyres produced worldwide each year. Of these, some are buried in landfills, some are recycled into civil engineering projects, some are turned into crumb rubber products, and around half are burned for fuel.

Unfortunately, the incineration and dumping of tyres cause significant problems for the environment. The leaching of toxic substances into the ground and the release of millions of tonnes of CO2 and other toxic gases into the atmosphere are but two issues connected with these methods of dealing with end-of-life tyres.

Recycling scrap tyres into rubber crumb products to be used in other applications, such as playground safety surfacing, is preferable as it doesn’t carry the same environmental burden as incineration and landfill dumping. When compared with incineration, recycling delivers massive reductions in CO2 emissions. For every 1 kg of rubber recycled instead of being incinerated, the environment is spared 1.1kg of CO2 emissions.

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Numat’s Pour’n’Play safety surfacing utilises recycled rubber from scrap tyres in its shock pad and top layer. The number of scrap tyres in a square metre of Pour’n’Play safety surfacing ranges from 2.3 to 8.9 tyres depending on the amount of black rubber used in the top layer and the required depth of shock pad (shock pad depth changes depending on the height of play equipment).

The average Pour’n’Play surface uses around 4 tyres per square metre which equates to around 63kg of CO2 emissions that won’t be released into the atmosphere through incineration.

“For a 40 square metre surface of Pour’n’Play, a tonne of CO2 emissions is avoided.”

In addition to lowering CO2 emissions by using recycled tyres, Numat’s Pour’n’Play uses a unique Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) rubber in its top layer that provides superior colour lasting properties and lasts significantly longer than EPDM rubbers used by other playground surfacing companies. With a longer lifespan than other products, Pour’n’Play offers superior sustainability and a smaller ecological footprint.