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Looking for a solution to messy bark scuffing?

Our PlayPods were designed and developed as a permanent solution to the problem of bark scuffing out under play equipment. They provide a long-term safety surface and all-weather scuff zone.

Width: 900mm | Length: 900mm | Thickness: 175mm


From $754 +GST


3 Year Warranty

Recycled Rubber

Safety Certified


Various Applications

Playpods can be installed under swings, slides and other high traffic playground areas to stop loosefill material movement and provide a permanent safety surface.

Easy Installation

Playpods can be put into your playground through an easy DIY installation. When you receive your Playpod it comes with a full set of instructions.  Delivery includes 4 x galv anchoring pins. 

Hard Wearing

Playpods are crafted out of Pour’n’Play wet pour rubber. They are designed to be hard-wearing and be installed in high traffic zones where they can take a lot of impact.