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Grass Protection Mat


Looking for the perfect solution to help your grass grow while keeping play areas active?  Protect your lawns from the rigours of daily foot traffic with SureFoot grass retention rubber matting. This free-draining system protects high-use lawn areas from deterioration – turning muddy, boggy and ponding lawns into well-cared-for grounds. 

Perfect for play areas like under swings and other play equipment.


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2 Year Warranty

Recycled Rubber


Durable surface

The Surefoot mats are made from recycled vulcanized rubber that is engineered to endure in high traffic areas. The mats can be cut to size or be joined to cover larger areas. 

Cushioned top layer

Surefoot mats are made of high-quality rubber that provides a soft cushioning, making it perfect for placing under swings and other play equipment, absorbing the impact. 

Free draining

The free-draining design of the Surefoot mats makes them great for use in areas where the grass is growing while keeping the mud at bay. The draining system protects these high-use lawn areas from deteriorating under foot traffic.