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Digging Deeper on Pour’n’Play

We’re often asked questions about our renowned double-pour surface. Here are the answers.

At Numat we’re proud to exclusively offer the Pour‘n’Play surface a product we’ve been installing in New Zealand for the last 6 years.

Ideal for everything from fall zones in playgrounds to weight rooms in gyms, the widespread popularity of Pour‘n’Play has seen it installed far and wide throughout the country. Irrespective of end-use there are some questions we’re regularly asked.

What does it feel like?

The installed matting has a soft, sponge-like feel to it when walking or jumping across it. The textured surface is also anti-slip, but with an extremely low friction level.

What exactly is it made of?

The simple answer? Lots and lots of tyres. Over 1500 used tyres are recycled and used for an average of 200m2 of Pour‘n’Play matting. The top layer is either granular recycled rubber or Rosehill TPV® pure colour granules.

How is it installed?

The coarse recycled rubber shred base layer is poured in a pre-shaped mould on site. The fine grain coloured top layer is then poured on top, a process that melds this to the base layer.

Does it come in different depths?

Indeed it does. There is a range of Critical Fall Height (CFH) protection provided according to the thickness of the surface chosen.

What is the greatest Critical Fall Height protection it provides?

Pour‘n’Play provides CFH protection up to 3.0 metres.

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Will it last?

This is one tough surface. Resistant to scratching and ultra-violet light, proven to have a high flame tolerance, and at home in the most extreme of weather conditions, Pour‘n’Play has been designed to handle everything that can be thrown at it. With this ongoing strength and durability, a product’s life expectancy can be over ten years, depending on the use and environment.

Can I choose different colours?

There are 22 different colours to choose from – a palette that provides thousands of options when it comes to creating unique and engaging designs. Also, this colour is totally consistent throughout the top layer depth so the matting will keep its colour and won’t scuff or turn black in high-use areas.

Is it only for use outside?

No, the safety, soundproofing and insulating qualities make the surfacing ideal for indoor environments and the matting has regular use at everything from fitness centres to retail play areas and climbing walls.

Why choose it over bark for my playground?

Apart from all the reasons above, the two main answers are peace of mind from ongoing safety and return on investment over the lifespan of the matting. Bark can quickly degrade and get moved around, resulting in areas with inadequate protection. There’s also the need for regular, costly maintenance and upkeep – with new bark often required on a yearly basis. When this cost is factored in Pour‘n’Play is a far more cost-effective long-term choice.

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Pour’n’Play installation at West Rolleston School in Christchurch
Turner’s Reserve Playground, Auckland
Pour’n’Play and turf playground at Newtown School, Wellington
Margaret Mahy Family Playground – the largest Pour’n’Play installation in the Southern Hemisphere