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Add More Play with Numat Playground Accessories

Whether you’re designing or updating an exciting play space, Numat’s custom range of play accessories is exactly what you need to make your project stand out.  With a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and elements, Numat really opens up a world of possibilities for your play space surface. Adding unique and innovative elements to your playspace adds excitement and keeps communities and visitors engaged in active play. With Numat’s play surfacing accessories, you really can bring to life the play space of your dreams.

Advantages of Choosing Custom Playground Accessories

Custom playground accessories not only give councils and project managers the ability to customise their space but also allows children and community members to enjoy an imaginative environment that is unique to the location of the space. A well-built and designed playground must be safe, fun, durable, appealing, and challenging – Numat Playground Accessories can help you create a surface that accomplishes ticks all those boxes.


Steppers can be used to create seating, add balance play and manage the edging around your play space while also developing imaginative and open-ended play. They can be walked along, stepped over or lead the child into a new space to explore.

Incorporating balance play in your play space is great for physical development as simple movements eventually lead to more challenging exercises, tricks, and help evolve problem-solving skills. 

With 21 colours to choose from and a variety of heights and widths, it’s easy to customize stepper elements in your spaces. 

Balls and Half Spheres

Numat’s Balance Balls are manufactured in New Zealand under license and can be made to order, in a range of colours and various movement options such as tiling, tilting/spinning, or fixed. All components are designed for outdoor use and come ready to install with bolts. You only need to prepare a concrete footing.

Incorporating balls and spherical structures add elements of balance play creating the perfect challenge for children and adults alike.

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Pour’n’Play Objects and Animals

Our Pour’n’Play surfacing product is both durable and flexible, giving us the freedom to mould structures into a variety of shapes. Because of this, we have been able to create a range of objects such as rocks, mushrooms, fruit, as well as animals, all engineered out of our rubber surfacing. Creating a space that incorporates a theme, tells a story, or celebrates the community, has never been easier with these surfacing elements.

Balance Parks

For an added challenge in your space, balance parks might be your answer. Incorporating Pour‘n’Play safety surfacing, balance balls with Rampline’s Slackline System makes play and training on the slackline easy, safe, and fun!

The low height, 45 cm, makes the line easily accessible for beginners, yet challenging enough to keep things interesting with a little added competition.  Solid construction with tight and dynamic lines provides a unique, exciting, and solid balance apparatus for slacklining to all ages and skill levels.

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