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Pour’n’Play Colour Blends

Inspiration for your playground colour scheme

Our Pour’n’Play Blends have been created to add extra depth to our playground surfacing. We find that full-colour Pour’n’Play installations can look a bit one dimensional and flat. Blends bring depth and texture to your playground surface. Whether it’s for a destination playground that needs to make an impact with some bright warm coloured surfacing, or a school playground that needs to reflect its surrounding natural environment and create a calm, relaxing outdoor space for students and staff – you’re sure to find a Pour’n’Play blend to suit.

What are Pour’n’Play Colour Blends?

Our Pour’n’Play rubber granules come in 22 different colour options and our colour blends are 38 different mixes of these colours. Our blends can be used to darken or lighten existing tones, as well as create a cohesive colour pallet for your whole project.

If you are after some inspiration for your next project’s colour pallet, visit our colour blends page at: www.numat.co.nz/colour-blends/

To find out more about colour theory and how to pair different colour blends to create a playground ‘look’, check out the 5 colour pallet options below. 

We hope these suggested colour schemes provide some inspiration and help you decide on which colours you will use for your next playground surface installation.

Warm Colours

The warm bright mix of colours in this design create a sense of excitement and wonder within the space. Bright colours like red, yellow and green can give off energizing and stimulating feelings which people will subconsciously associate with your playground space.

Cool Colours

The combination of blue, purple and green colours in this playground create a sense of calm. The blue shade sails in this example give the colour scheme an aquatic feel, matching with its river theme.

Natural Colours

Natural colours are often softer, creating more subdued colour pallets. These colour blends are often used to reflect the playground’s surrounding environment. Whether that’s a coastal playground with a beach theme or a more natural park with earthier colours, natural colour tones like sandy yellows, earthy browns, and cooler blues create a relaxed and natural feel.

Similar Hue Colours

Similar hue colours create a cohesive colour pallet that is often used to match with either the equipment of the playground or its surrounding environment. Similar hues are different variations of the same colour, for example, different shades of red. This can be done to unify a project while still having sectioning variations within the space.

Complementary colours

Complementary colours, also known as contrasting colours, consist of two colours that are across from each other on a colour wheel. Contrasting colours like orange and green are used together for their eye-catching nature. As ‘opposites’, they stand out from one another and draw attention.

Why Numat Playground Surfacing?

Numat’s playground surfacing options are a great way to make your playspaces safer, cleaner and usable all year round. No more maintenance with grass seeding, wet muddy grounds, and bark upkeep.

Our rubber surfacing is proven to be the best with advanced colour pigmentation and superior UV stability, while our realistic synthetic grass options can be mixed and matched to fit any and all of your playground surfacing needs. With excellent soundproofing and insulating abilities, our surfacing is a viable option for both inside and outside spaces. Pour’n’Play® is New Zealand’s most technically advanced wet pour rubber safety surface. With its unique formulation TPV rubber, it offers much better colour consistency throughout, and superior UV stability to EPDM and colour coated SBR surfaces.

It is installed on-site in a two-part process by Numat installers. This ensures the required impact attenuation is achieved. Firstly, we install a base layer made from recycled tyres before overlaying a colourful TPV top surface. Pour’n’Play® is available in a range of 22 colours offering endless possibilities for creative surface designs.

We work hard to provide the perfect safety surface solution for your needs. If you’d like to know more about this approach, the costs, and the various options available, then please give us a call on 0800 686 124