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5 Ways to Use MulchSet Surfacing in Your Playspace

Similar to Numat’s Pour‘n’Play, MulchSet is a wet pour rubber surface that consists of a recycled rubber shock-pad underlay and a colourful rubber top layer.

The difference is in its appearance.

With its wood-shaving-like shape and natural brown colouring, MulchSet has the appearance of natural wood-mulch. And, because it is installed in one piece, it is cleaner, more consistent, easier to maintain, and safer than loose mulch surfacing.
For these reasons, MulchSet is a popular choice for school, early childhood, and public playgrounds.

Here are some of the practical ways you can use MulchSet in your playground project.

1. As a durable fixed surface for slopes and mounds

The problem with loose-fill surfacing on sloped ground is that it washes away over time. With MulchSet, this is not an issue. MulchSet can be installed on near-vertical surfaces and will not fall away.

A great example of this can be seen at Pahurehure Reserve playground in Auckland where Numat installed MulchSet on a 2+ metre high mound, under a slide. Here, MulchSet provides a soft, textured surface that has the appearance of natural woodchips.

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2. As a ‘natural look’ surface alongside artificial turf

At the beginning of 2020, Parliament opened its new playground which made extensive use of MulchSet surfacing.

The main reason for its selection was its natural appearance which complimented the playgrounds wooden play equipment, artificial turf surfacing, and surrounding greenery.

Another reason MulchSet was selected was because it is a low maintenance surface that will save Parliamentary Services time and cost otherwise spent on maintaining loose-fill play surfacing.

3. As a protective covering around tree roots

MulchSet makes an excellent protective safety surface around the base of trees. Not only does the cushioned surface protect the tree’s roots from would-be climbers, but it also protects those climbers from a hard fall should they slip.

It is non-toxic and does not leech any substances into the surface below which could damage the tree. And it is also porous, so it allows water to drain through to the tree’s roots.

4. As a complementary surface to woodchip

While MulchSet is most often installed as a higher quality option over woodchips, it can also be used as a complementary surface.

This was the case at Tahi Beachwood playground in Auckland where Numat installed MulchSet into a larger woodchips surface.

The benefits of doing this were that it increased accessibility to the play equipment, reduced the amount of ongoing maintenance required, and provided a higher quality safety surface in the areas where it mattered most.

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5. As a natural looking safety surface

Perhaps the most obvious use for MulchSet is simply as an attractive playground surface. Numat has installed MulchSet in many playgrounds where this was the main reason for choosing the surface.

One of our more recent installations was at Pegasus Bay School (pictured below) …


The playground surface in the above image is actually woodchips – were you able to tell the difference?

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