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5 reasons why rubber matting is the best option for your gym

The modern gym is a tough environment – and it should be. The success of your clients starts at the surface, that’s why we offer extremely resilient, long-lasting gym matting that is a return on your investment.

Here are our top 5 reasons to choose Numat rubber gym matting:

1. A quality heavy duty product

We take pride in the durability of our products, they are tough enough to take everything you throw at it or throw on it, or jump, run or lift on it too. Our gym matting provides a super hard-wearing and robust surface. Making it great for high-impact gym areas that require the very best in comfort and safety. Some of our gym customers have had our mats for over 10 years and they show no sign of wearing out. For this reason, Numat gym flooring is the ideal heavy-duty flooring for all the weights, equipment and busy feet coming and going into your gym.

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2. Warm and quiet

With our high-quality shock absorbing gym matting, gyms are noticeably warmer and quieter. This is due to the thickness of the matting which creates an insulated barrier. This makes for a more enjoyable atmosphere in your gym.

3. Comfortable

Standing and working on hard surfaces for extended periods of time causes your leg muscles to contract, restricting blood flow and causing pain. This causes the heart to work harder to pump blood through shrunken muscles. This leads to a loss of energy and general fatigue. Left unchecked, this can lead to downtime, sickness, and decreased productivity.

Numat gym matting acts as an anti-fatigue surface, providing cushioning that encourages muscle contraction and expansion, increasing blood flow and reducing fatigue. What’s more, a softer surface reduces aches and pains in your legs, hips and lower back.

There is a noticeable difference with Numat gym matting. 

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4. Increased safety

Our high grip matting provides the perfect surface grip and has been tested for slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions, the premium rubber shock-absorbing abilities of the mats increase safety in high impact areas.

5. Simple to install, clean and maintain

Our matting is simple to install anywhere or anytime to suit your needs. With most of our matting having interlocking features creating a seamless finish. They are easy to install and cut into custom sizing to fit any environment.

“The sheets simply lock together with no glue required. We were able to cut and shape the matting easily with a sharp knife and ruler to fit it perfectly into the area.” – Club Kelburn manager Rob Walker

Once our matting is installed it won’t lift or curl and if any mats need to be changed out you easily remove, reposition and restore.

Our matting is non-absorbing and easy to clean, any spills can simply be wiped off without any staining.