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Keeping Turf Cool this Summer with HydroBase

Summer is here and already it’s proving to be a scorcher.

While hot days mean fun in the sun for most, for those with artificial turf lawns it can mean surfaces too hot to walk on and a real safety hazard, particularly for young children and pets.

Fortunately, a new turf infill technology solves this problem using the natural process of water evaporation.

Introducing HydroBase

The product is called HydroBase and it acts as a thermoregulator; holding water, then releasing it as the surface is heated by solar radiation. The evaporating moisture removes heat, leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface for users.

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What is HydroBase made of?

The product itself is a pre-coated sand infill that can easily be added to existing artificial turf lawns. Once installed product sits at the base of the turf and absorbs water from rain, irrigation, and dew, and stores it until the surface temperature rises.

How does HydroBase turf compare with regular turf?

A standard artificial turf lawn with a wet surface will deliver some cooling, but surface water can evaporate quickly and once it does, temperatures can rise quickly to uncomfortable levels.

Based on lab and outdoor thermocouple testing, HydroBase has lowered surface temperatures by 16-28 degrees Celsius compared to standard synthetic turf systems.  

Further testing was performed by a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) Certified Thermographer and showed turf surfaces treated with HydroBase were much cooler than regular dry turf surfaces.

How is HydroBase Applied?

Most artificial turf products require a sand infill to add weight and structure to the lawn and keep the pile sitting upright. This infill is added to the turf during the installation process. HydroBase can be added

Over time, sand tends to migrate from the centre, and other high use areas, towards the outer edge of the turf. Then grooming and sand replenishment is required to bring the turf back to looking its best. This is a good time to consider replacing old run sand infill with new HydroBase infill.

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