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6 Things to Consider When Creating Your Wet Play Area

The benefits of water play and sports are never-ending for those who don’t mind getting wet. Toddlers learn through water games, kids have fun at water parks, and adults keep fit at the swimming pool. From little kids to big kids, water play follows us through life.

Studies into child development have proven there are countless ways that water benefits young minds and the tactile nature of water makes for fascinating and stimulating outdoor play.

Exploring and experimenting with water allows children to develop maths skills (is it full or empty?), problem-solve, play creatively and interact with others. The physical benefits of water play are clearly evident when we run under the sprinkler, splash friends, or swim laps.

Funnily enough, most of the time we’re having too much fun to notice we’re doing something good for our physical and mental development.

While playing with water is lots of fun sometimes working with it isn’t that easy. Water will find its way anywhere and can contribute to degeneration of surrounding
surfaces over time. When planning a water play environment that will last the distance there are some critical factors to consider.

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No slip ups

The most important aspect of any type of water play is keeping people safe. Consider a surface that will perform well in a wet or damp environment. Avoid slips and falls with anti-slip surfaces and make sure any ground cover has seamless joins to prevent tripping.

Keep it clean

It goes without saying that water play areas will constantly be damp or wet. Look for a surface that will prevent the growth of mould or algae.

The temperature test

Asphalt and synthetic surfaces can become intolerable for bare feet. Look for a surface that won’t become thermonuclear if exposed to the all-day sun.

The environment

In most environments where there is water, there are chemicals. Choose a surface that will withstand chlorine, cleaning chemicals and other additives in the water.


Whether its sunlight, chemicals, or the constant flow of water, the surface in your water play area needs to withstand some tough treatment. Choosing the most durable product for water exposure is the best way to ensure value for money. If you’re looking for an outdoor play surface consider the effect that pooling water will have and choose a surface that drains well.

Easy to maintain

Chances are your water play area is going to be a well-used one. An easy to maintain surface is the best option if you’re trying to keep things looking good while working amongst a crowd.