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How much does Pour’n’Play Playground Surfacing cost?

Surfaces that children play on should be safe and fun, which is why it’s important to pick a surface, like Pour’n’Play, that’s low-maintenance and designed for all different kinds of play and utility. But how much does it cost per square meter, and is Pour’n’Play the right choice for me? 

There are 3 main factors that will affect the cost of your Pour’n’Play surface:

  1. The size of the area. The larger the area, the less per square meter.

  2. The height of the equipment. The higher the equipment, the thicker the shock pad will need to be, adding to the cost.

  3. The level of design. Because Pour’n’Play allows so much design freedom, you really can create just about anything on your surface, but the more intricate the design the longer it will take to install which will increase the cost of the surface.

Why is Pour'n'Play more expensive than other surfaces?

You may be wondering why Pour’n’Play is sometimes more expensive than other poured rubber options. That’s because our Numat Pour’n’Play uses Rosehill TPV rubber granules that are more UV resistant than other types of rubber surfaces. This means that over time, the rubber experiences less fading, less cracking and hardening, and less chalking. Some cheaper rubber surfaces are made from colour coated black granules that result in the coating wearing off quickly, causing the surface to look black and get extremely hot in the sun. The Rosehill TPV rubber has the colour incorporated in the granule allowing it to keep its colour longer and stay vibrant over time.

Now that you know the cost of a Pour’n’Play surface, you might be asking yourself whether Pour’n’Play is right for your project, so let’s explore a few things you might want to consider.

  1. If you are looking for a DIY surfacing solution for your space, then Pour’n’Play is not the right option for you. Pour’n’Play requires specialist equipment to install so you will need some professional help to surface your area.

  2. Pour’n’Play also has a higher initial cost than other surfaces like wood chips, or artificial turf, so if you have a small budget for your project, then Pour’n’Play might not be the right fit.

  3. Because the size of your space directly correlates with the cost of your surface, Pour’n’Play won’t be the most economical surfacing option if your area is smaller than 50m2.

However, if your project requires a hard-wearing, and maintenance-free surface that’s long-lasting, then Pour’n’Play might just be the right choice for you.

Pour’n’Play is an excellent choice if you are looking for a safety surface that is accessible for all, can help reduce noise, and can stay looking fresh and colourful for years to come. Pour’n’Play also gives you the creative freedom to bring some personality into your space through endless design possibilities. It’s the perfect material to work with for those that want to make a statement with their play surface.