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Welcome to our Video Gallery! Here you can find information on projects, products, and installations. 

Customer Testimonials

Balclutha Primary School, Otago


St Andrew's Steward Junior Center


Clyde School, Otago


Torbay School, Auckland


Project #Shorts

Falcon's Landing, Rolleston


Hornby South School, Christchurch


Scarborough Playground, Christchurch


Marlborough Park Playground, Auckland


Manukau Golf Course


Foster Park, Rolleston


Balance Park Installation, Oamaru


Auckland Projects Showcase


Acland Park, Christchurch


Fearon Park, Auckland


Cornwall Park Project Installation


Question and Answer

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Is Pour'n'Play porous?


Is Pour'n'Play environmentally friendly?


Woodchip vs. Interlocking PVC Tiles vs. Artificial Turf vs. Wet Pour Rubber


How long does it take to install Pour'n'Play?


How much should I budget for my playground surfacing and equipment?


What is the best playground surface?


Which surface has the best warranty?