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Corkeen is a revolutionary surfacing system for playgrounds made from natural cork.

Made from cork, a 100% organic material, Corkeen combines unparalleled sustainability credentials, safety, and accessibility in a single solution.

Corkeen is the eco-friendly, sustainable solution the world of playgrounds has been waiting for.


Safety Certified

Cork, a gift from Nature

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber L). It is a plant tissue which covers the trunk and branches.

Cork is an exceptional, 100% natural, organic raw material with incredible characteristics that make it an excellent material for use in playgrounds.


Sustainable by nature

100% natural, reusable, and recyclable, the Corkeen system has a negative carbon balance. It reaches carbon sequestration of up to -102 kg CO2eq/m2.

Seamless fall protection

With Corkeen, fall protection is permanent. It does not move, nor is it blown away, but it remains in place and protects, year after year

Dual layer cushioned surface

Corkeen has two cork layers: a flexible base layer, and a firm top layer. This means that the surface is cushioned, yet will hold its shape over time.

Free draining surface

Corkeen is a porous surface which means water drains away easily to leave your surface dry and ready for use even while it rains. With Corkeen, you’ll be able to use the surface all year round.

Fully accessible

Corkeen means that children play on stable ground, accessible to all. Unlike playgrounds with loose-fill surfaces such as sand, bark and wood chips, Corkeen is fully accessible, even with a wheelchair or other mobility aids.

Low surface temperature

Because cork is a natural insulator, Corkeen could lower surface temperature by more than 20% compared to other playground surfacing materials. Children can walk barefoot on its smooth surface.

Free from harmful substances

The surface is based on pure, natural cork. Completely free of all types of toxins and chemicals (heavy metals, EDCs, T-VOCs, formaldehyde or PAHs).

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