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Te Kura Whakatipu O Kawarau

Central Otago
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Te Kura Whakatipu O Kawarau is a brand-new school servicing the community of Jack’s Point and Hanley’s Farm, in Central Otago. The school opened at the start of 2022 with 109 students and has continued to grow its role, welcoming primary-aged children from Years 0-8.   

When the school was being constructed, the school and the construction team discussed the possibility of installing NumatREC’s Pour’n’Play wet pour rubber surface in the playground space. Wanting the avoid the hassle and maintenance of traditional playground surfacing like bark, sand or gravel, the school decided to create a bigger playground than initially planned so that they could utilise the benefits of a wet pour rubber surface.  

Products used:

"This is nice and soft, so it helps the kids with their falls. It seems to be grippy, yet they don’t get grazes. It doesn't have the high friction of concrete or asphalt, so we don’t have many scrapes or bumps when they fall on the surface of it."
Cameron Beer
Deputy Principal

After gaining the support of the parents and community, everyone rallied to fundraise and do what they could to raise the money needed for a bigger playground that is future-proofed to accommodate the potential growth of the school in the coming years.  

The surfacing chosen allowed the school the freedom to create a safe playground surface that both protected their students and blended nicely into the landscape and aesthetic of the school. The colours chosen for the Pour’n’Play surface are very neutral, matching well with the greys, browns, and greens that surround the school. The shock pad layers underneath the surface add cushioning to soften any impact or falls, while also meeting the various critical fall height requirements of the equipment throughout the space.   

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