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Green Bay Primary School

Green Bay, Auckland
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-5 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-5 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-53 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-53 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-39 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-39 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-38 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-38 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-34 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-34 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-31 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-31 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-29 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-29 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-27 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-27 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-12 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-12 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-11 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-11 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-6 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-6 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-5 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-5 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-3 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-3 copy
BHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-2 copyBHP-NUMAT-GB-Primary-OCT2020-HIGHRES-2 copy

Products used:

Green Bay Primary wanted to replace their existing tired old playground with a unique, vibrant, and safe play space.  Health and safety was very important to the school as their previous space did not meet the requirements nor did it cater for the growing roll. 

Designers, Creo, called in Numat to provide surfacing for the project. The playground showcases the history of local Maori through the use of blue Pour’n’Play surfacing running across the playground, representing the local “Whau River. 

Pour’n’Play mounds were created to resemble sand allowing the students to leap from place to place. These additions have enhanced play at the school; encouraging the students to get creative while testing their physical abilities. 

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Remuera Primary School

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Remuera Primary School has taken full advantage of the design capabilities of our Pour’n’Play rubber surfacing.

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Blomfield Special School

Whangārei, Northland

Blomfield Special School identified Numat Pour’n’Play as an ideal surfacing option to help transform their playground into something truly unique. The school created a fantastic design that included roads, paths, balance balls, mounds, numbers, shapes and colours, all working together to stimulate and engage students during their play time.

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Pinehurst School

Albany, Auckland

Pinehurst School were struggling with their grass surfaces getting muddy and, as a consequence, had to fence off areas during winter.

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Further Case Studies

Pegasus Bay Primary School

Christchurch, Pegasus

Numat worked with “design and build” company, Creo, to provide the play surface for the new playground area at Pegasus Bay School.

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