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How long does it take to install a play surface?

If you’re thinking about installing or updating a playground surface, you may be wondering how long it will take to install it.

There are several factors that will affect the time it takes to complete your project and make sure everything goes smoothly. The following are some general guidelines on how long it takes to install a playground surface and some factors that will affect the duration of your surfacing project.

What factors affect the duration of your surfacing project?

The duration of your playground surfacing project will be affected by three main factors. These are:

1. The level of design.

The more detailed the design of your surface, the longer it will take to install. Adding more colours and shapes adds more complexity to the job and requires more time to complete compared to a surface that uses one colour or has a very simple design.

2. Vehicle access.

Access to the installation site is one aspect that a lot of people overlook, but it can have a big impact on the cost and speed of your project. Having easy access to the site ensures materials can be moved in and out quickly and efficiently, cutting down on the time of your project installation. If access is poor, the surfacing materials will have to be manually wheelbarrowed in and out, which takes up a lot more time.

3. Weather.

Unfortunately, this one is out of anyone’s control, but it does play a role in how long your project will take. Numat surfacing needs to be installed in fine weather. If it rains for more than a day, it can put a stop to work and slow the project down.  We do our best to plan your project around the weather forecast to minimise disruptions.

How long does the average Numat surface take to install?

The average 50 – 150m2 school playground surface, which includes 2-3 different colours, and some design installation could take between 6-8 days, as long as there is good access and fine weather conditions.

The installation would progress in two stages.

Stage 1:

The first stage requires 3-4 days of base preparation where the ground is dug out, filled, and compacted to prepare the site and make sure it’s ready for the rubber surfacing to be installed.

Stage 2:

Following the base preparation work, is another 3-4 days for the installation of that rubber surface. However, this stage could be reduced down to 2 days in the case of a simple surface design.

If you want to learn about the kinds of playground surfacing options out there, you can download a free copy of our Ultimate Guide to Play Surfacing. You can also request a quote by filling out the ‘request a quote’ form and someone will be in touch with you soon.