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Accessibility or Afford-ability? Getting the best of both worlds.

Several New Zealand Councils are getting the affordability of bark with the accessibility and safety of wet pour rubber surfacing. Here’s how…

Tahi Beachwood playground is surfaced predominantly with woodchips, yet it still manages to provide consistent accessibility and critical fall height safety with next to no maintenance – something unheard of in bark surface playgrounds.

How is this possible?

Through the smart use of wet pour rubber surfacing, that’s how.

Wet pour rubber surfacing has long been used in playgrounds for its safety and reduction in maintenance but has often been viewed as expensive.

Until recently, this superior playground surface was out of reach of some Councils. But now, a more affordable solution from Numat has meant every playground can get the benefits of wet pour rubber surfacing.

This new approach involves the installation of wet pour rubber into bark playgrounds in targeted areas to provide critical fall height safety and pathways for improved accessibility.

Here are some photos from recent projects Numat has completed.

Tahi Beachwood Playground, Auckland - Click image to see case study
Highland Park Playground, Mosgiel
Pahurehure Reserve Playground, Auckland
Turner’s Reserve Playground, Auckland
Hayman Park Playground, Auckland
To investigate this type of surfacing for your playgrounds, give us a call on 0800 686 124. We can help you optimise your playground surfaces for safety, accessibility, and reduced maintenance costs.