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Next level play surface design

At Numat, one of our values is innovation, we are always looking at ways to improve our play surfacing capabilities. Some new capabilities that we have developed are our ability to add detailed shapes and lines in our Pour’n’Play surfacing.

With this development, we can create crisp, clean lines that can be adapted into any shape, word, number, or icon. Some of our most popular shapes are stone path steppers and a more recent design involved creating lily pads, hand-prints, and footprints.

Playground design is usually centered around an overall theme or idea linking it to its location or community. With our new surfacing capabilities, Numat’s Pour’n’Play can be utilized in your design to add a broad range of shapes from islands and rivers to pathways and play zones.



Paths are often used throughout a space to help with the flow as well as connecting spaces. Pathways don’t always have to be used for access and traffic flow, they can also be used to provide play value in the form of bike tracks, mazes, and painted ground games.


Using your play surfacing in smart ways will help increase its play value without the need for added equipment. With our Pour’n’Play design capabilities we can create fun interactive games like obstacle courses, leapfrog, and hopscotch. By simply adding a few lines in the right places and you can create any type of ball game, like handball, netball, and foursquare. And all of this can be added into the surfacing without having to compromise on space.

Design features

Surfacing design has never been so easy with our Pour’n’Play rubber surfacing. With unlimited design capabilities, we can adapt your surfacing for your needs. Different native leaves/flowers or birds can be added on the ground to reflect different Hapu, Iwi, or syndicates within the community.

Colour can also add a great deal of value to the play space, with the ability to match the playground to its surrounding landscape while adding a sense of playfulness and fun.

To find out more about our surfacing product range click here. We work hard to provide the perfect safety surface solution for your needs. If you’d like to know more about this approach, the costs, and the various options available, then please give us a call on 0800 686 124. We’d love to chat!